Self-Published Author Boyd Morrison’s Huffington Post Article

In July last year we ran a short piece on self-published author Boyd Morrison and the fact that he had landed a book deal with Simon & Schuster. Boyd Morrison had been selling his books on his website and also through Amazon’s Kindle. What was very clear about Morrison over the past couple of years was his successful ability to promote his books demonstrated through an excellent online presence. The deal included his current book, The Ark, which he had previously given away as a free ebook in 2009, and another adventure book based on a character called, Tyler Locke.
The Huffington Post today carries a feature written by Boyd Morrison about his success in self-publishing and his path to the Simon & Schuster book deal.

“At the beginning of 2009, as I was building my web site with the intent of letting people download my books for free, I noticed that Amazon was allowing authors to post their unpublished manuscripts to the Kindle store and giving them a cut of the proceeds. Irene agreed that The Ark and my two other unpublished thriller novels were doing no good sitting on my hard drive, so I thought, why not put them up on Amazon and see what happens? The only thing it would cost me was a small fee to a graphic designer to create covers that looked better than the artistically-deficient horrors I could make.”
You can read the whole Huffington Post piece by Morrison here.

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