Scribd Form POD Partnerships For Books

Scribd is a social network site for sharing written content and selling books in its ebook store. They have just announced a partnership to expand into printed books with Magcloud, Blurb and Mimeo ultilizing print-on-demand technology.
Users and customers of Scribd will now be able to transform loaded files into printed magazines (Magcloud), books (Blurb) and office documents (Mimeo). It will also allow purchasers of ebooks the option of having a physically printed book from the Scribe online store. The move is particularly aimed at tapping into the ebook and print book market by allowing publishers listed on Scribd to sell physical books alongside the ebook version with the potential of combining sales of both. Publishers will have the ability to switch on or off the availability of either versions.
Scribd have 50 million monthly users and in excess of 50,000 files loaded every day to their site.

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