Salt Publishing Launch Salt Kids Imprint

Independent Poetry publisher Salt Publishing has launched a new imprint, Salt Kids. From their About page.

“The online home of Salt Publishing’s literature publishing for children. Providing a wealth of poetry resources, information, news, features and fun for children, their parents and teachers. Salt is one of the few UK publishers with an active children’s poetry publishing programme, dedicated to bringing single author collections from the UK’s foremost contemporary talents as well as debut collections from new children’s poets.”
…and commenting on the Salt Publishing blog today, Director, Chris Hamilton-Emery says:

“As one of the UK’s leading publishers of poetry for adults, we felt we had an obligation to find new ways to take poetry to children, to help develop the audiences of the future, and to support teachers and literature professionals in the work they do with young people. The list and our Salt Kids website are part of a broader strategy to encourage new children’s writers, too, and to reach out to young people in fresh and creative ways. We’re all concerned with edging poetry back in the centre of the culture where it belongs.

The key aim of Salt Kids is to experiment, drawing in talent and comment from a wide range of poets, teachers, teaching consultants as well as children themselves. “We need a space to explore creativity in the classroom, especially when considering poetry, an art which has an especial resonance with the young, particularly with poetry’s social, environmental and political concerns. We want everyone to join in and develop new routes into the art.”

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