Salt Publishing Diversify To Move Forward

Salt Publishing is an English based independent publishing company I have a lot of time for. With continuing recessionary cut backs, they had their arts council grant cancelled and that has made trading difficult to say the least in 2009.

They launched a ‘Buy Just One Book, Right Now’ campaign in May and while this has helped, they still need to hit budgets to see themselves safely into 2010. Deciding to pitch poetry as your core publishing business at any time, let alone under the current shaky economic outlook is brave and shows the commitment which has placed Salt Publishing at the forefront of poetry publishing in the UK.

However, today, Salt Publishing has wisely chosen to expand its publishing program into literary fiction as well as children’s poetry and a number of other development programs including audio and ebooks. At a time when publishers are choosing to grab their shells, hold them over their heads during the economic downpour, and run headlong for the sanctuary of the hills – Salt Publishing are showing what has made them one of the leading poetry publishers in the UK.

When the shit hits the fan, be brave, diversify, tweak your publishing model and go forward – never hide.

Salt Publishing’s ‘Just Buy One Book, Right Now’ campaign…

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