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Sometimes when I carry out research for work I post here, I end up going off on multiple tangents. In reviewing a publishing service, depending on the company, it can take days/weeks while I source information on publishing packages; a history of company directors; looking at business strategies; as well as reviewing books and authors and publishing services. Over the past two weeks I have been looking at one particular publisher with a view to a review in the next few days, and I was reminded of an intriguing and endearing character I first came across about a year ago when I last looked at the company I am about to review.

Ok, some disclosure now. The company at the focus of the next review will be Publish America, a name in the publishing industry which seems to sparks immediate and vociferous debate. I first became aware of Publish America about three years ago when I started moving my focus and analysis on publishing away from mainstream publishing and on to the many alternative paths to publishing.
Yes, the time has arrived when Publish America cannot be treated as the elephant in the room, certainly for POD, Self-Publishing & Independent Publishing, and so a review of PA will be posted over the next forty-eight hours. We will deal with all that comes with PA when the review is done. That will be a story and comment section for another day.

For now, I want to to focus on the tangents and distractions which evolve out of projects you take on and never expect to occur. During my time looking at PA, I came across the endearing and fascinating author, Robert Mauro. I first came upon Robert in this Youtube video a little over a year ago. When I first viewed it, I was unnerved, perturbed with what I first thought was an ill-informed author espousing a publisher I had considerable misgivings about. Over time, I learned to exorcise my immediate precognitions and exercise my objectivity. I hope Robert takes no offence in my first vacant thoughts.

Here is Robert:

I’m a 1951 polio survivor. Robert Mauro contracted polio at five in 1951. He uses a vent to breathe and a motorized wheelchair for mobility. Educated in public and parochial schools, on home instructions and at Hofstra University, he’s an artist and writer. He is the author of a number of books and numerous published plays, short stories and poems.


The Whacking of Maddy Exotica: A Sci-Fi Satire
The Night-Light Zone: Short Stories To Read With The Night Light On
Finding Love And Intimacy
How-To Live Longer With A Disability
Two-Character Plays for Student Actors
On Stage
The Landscape of My Disability
Hollywood Homicide: A Harry Apple Mystery
When I Was Seventeen: A Novel About Love, Friendship And Becoming An Adult
A Child Of The Holocaust: A Non-Survivors Story Of Survival
Sucking Air, Doing Wheelies: Memoirs Of A Fifties Polio Survivor (Autobiography)

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