Reedsy Launches Global Author Survey

ReedsyReedsy provides an online marketplace to help connect authors with freelance publishing service professionals. It launched in 2014 as a new startup and opened its marketplace to authors that November.

This week Reedsy founder Ricardo Fayet contacted TIPM to tell us about a new global survey it has designed, coded and launched. Fayet explains:

The idea is to shed a bit of light on author earnings, ISBN usage, self-publishing costs, royalties, etc. The survey is dynamic — i.e. adapts according to what you answer— which allows us to keep completion time under 3min. It is open to all authors — traditional, hybrid and indie — and results are fully anonymous.

Gathering this data should help authors understand the publishing landscape better. The Reedsy Author Survey will unearth industry sales statistics. The survey is open to participation from all authors, whether  you have self-published or traditionally-published books.

In order to provide accurate statistics, the survey is using Facebook Connect to verify that contributors are published authors. However, all the data provided is anonymized when published on their website.

Reedsy has partnered with several author associations (ALLi, NINC) and media (Bookseller, DBW) to gather as much data as possible. As soon as enough data is gathered, Reedsy will release their analysis.

To date, there has been very limited and general information on self-published books.

Facts and figures about the self-publishing revolution are hard to come by and can only be partial but the more information we have, the clearer the picture. ALLi is pleased to support any statistically-significant survey that shines a light through myth and opinion on what’s actually happening in this exciting publishing space.

— Orna Ross, Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLI)


There is a lot of misinformation in the industry about what is possible with indie publishing. Some people focus on the vast amounts being made by the lucky few. Others suggest that it is impossible to make a living. The interesting stories are found in the middle: the thousands of authors who are making enough to pay bills, to treat themselves, and to make realistic plans about getting into a position where they can support themselves and their families with their writing. This survey will help shine a light on those authors, and I’m happy to take part.

— Mark Dawson,


Authors need all the info they can get about the reality of making a living with writing. These surveys help so I’ve joined in and shared my data in the hope it will help others.

— Joanna Penn,

You can contribute data to the survey by visiting this link.


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