Reedsy Launch Marketplace and Publishing Platform for Self-Published Authors

Reedsy is a new start-up, digital self-publishing platform for authors. It is launching with an invitation to publishing professionals to join its marketplace. The company—financially backed by Seedcamp and Scottish publisher DC Thomsonwill begin its second stage of launch in a few weeks when it allows authors to sign up and link with Reedsy’s marketplace of book professionals. The first titles will then be loaded and pushed out to distribution channels.

TIPM will have a lot more on Reedsy later on today when co-founder, Richard Fayet, introduces the idea behind the new initiative and what it is all about in a guest post. 
Press Release:

LONDON – 01-09-2014

Self-publishing startup Reedsy officially launches today! Reedsy is excited to release to the public the first version of its website, inviting editors and designers to join their marketplace.

Increasingly, authors are realising that publishing professionals don’t just work at the big publishing houses. This is what is making quality self-publishing possible. But where can authors find them? How do they know who they’re working with?

That’s where Reedsy comes in. It helps authors collaborate with expert editors, book designers, marketers and translators to take their books to another level. Reedsy will only work with certified, industry-experienced freelancers so authors can find the best partners for their project.

Reedsy will start by opening its marketplace to editors and book designers, the services no author can go without. Freelancers can sign up and create beautiful profile pages. They can display the books they’ve worked on, the professional associations they belong to, and talk about the types of projects they’re looking to take on. Reedsy will be the first curated marketplace for publishing freelancers of its kind.

But Reedsy’s founders’ vision is even more ambitious. “Reedsy will be an author’s secret weapon,” said Ricardo Fayet, one of the company’s co-founders. “Authors, whether they’re self-published or traditionally published, are only as good as the people they work with. Being a great writer is just one part of succeeding as an independent,” Ricardo said. “In a few weeks, we will be opening to authors, and letting them connect with our network of freelancers.”

In time, authors will be able to use Reedsy as one place from which to manage every step of the publishing process. “We are working on a purpose-built eBook editor to make author-editor collaboration easier than ever,” says Emmanuel Nataf.

“It’s time to shake things up in the publishing industry. We want to combine the high standards of traditional publishing and the freedom and author-driven creativity of self-publishing. We want to take the ‘self’ out of self-publishing” concluded Emmanuel.

Reedsy was founded by Emmanuel Nataf, Ricardo Fayet, Matthew Cobb, and Vincent Durant in 2014. They work from IDEALondon in Shoreditch, London. In May they joined Seedcamp, Europe’s top accelerator, and are financially backed by Seedcamp and Scottish publisher DC Thomson.

About Reedsy

Reedsy provides support through every stage of a book’s production. We’ll connect you with vetted, industry-experienced editors, cover designers and publicists, and help you find the best partners for your project. We’ll give you a purpose-built writing tool designed for collaborating closely with an editor on a manuscript. Then we’ll take care of converting and posting your book directly to the Kindle Store, the iBookstore and the Kobo Store with a single click.
Reedsy streamlines self-publishing, making it easy to compare freelancers, craft your book with the help of an editor and handle after-publication tasks like tracking sales and financial data. We eliminate the busywork and leave you free to do what you love: write.
Collaborative creation, publishing and promotion, all in one place. That’s Reedsy.

For more information contact Ricardo Fayet at, or on +447957074543

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