Raider Publishing International – BBC Radio 4 You & Yours Broadcast

Raider Publishing International founder and owner, Adam Salviani, took part in a recorded interview with Winifred Robinson on BBC Radio 4’s flagship consumer rights programme, You & Yours on Wednesday, October 1st in light of complaints the broadcaster received from authors of the self-publishing service provider.

TIPM has now had time to review this interview and comments are provided in the below video made publicly available.
The Independent Publishing Magazine (TIPM) would like to extend its thanks to the BBC Radio 4 team of consumer rights programme You & Yours for highlighting the growing concerns and complaints about Raider Publishing International (RPI) and its former and current imprints.
TIPM would also like to state that while we have been in communication with the BBC Radio 4 You & Yours production team over the past two weeks, we did not initiate the BBC’s investigation and interest in RPI.
In 2012, TIPM, as part of our ongoing reviews of self-publishing and paid publishing services, deemed RPI as ‘not recommended’ following continued and increasing negative correspondence from authors and external partners of RPI.
We understand and appreciate that not all of RPI’s authors are dissatisfied with the paid services provided to them. TIPM once consider RPI an innovative and progressive company in the area of self-publishing services. TIPM no longer holds this view. The vast majority of direct correspondence TIPM has had with RPI authors over the past four years has been negative.
TIPM’s own investigations have revealed considerable concerns about the manner and practices of RPI. TIPM also has information not disclosed in this video that leads it to the view that RPI cannot deliver the services it claims to deliver on its websites.
TIPM also wishes to acknowledge that the BBC Radio 4 team of You & Yours was not aware that Adam Salviani, owner and founder of RPI, had filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy when they carried out their interview on September 30th. This case is due to be heard next on Thursday, October 2nd in New York City where a Chapter 13 plan of creditor payment should be delivered to the court for approval.
The noted comments in this video are those of TIPM. They are not the views and opinions of the BBC Radio 4 You & Yours team.
On October 8th, the UK Advertising Standards Authority will publish its findings and recommendations following its investigation into Green Shore Publishing (GSP) in the UK. TIPM hopes that GSP will respect and take heed of its recommendations.
The Independent Publishing Magazine.   

Mick Rooney – Publishing Consultant

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