Raider Publishing First Podcast

After a little bit of a delay the first of the Raider Broadcasting Network podcasts is now available on ITunes and on the link provided on the end of this posting.

The first show is hosted by Adam Salviani and is called the Writer’s Forum running to about 35 minutes. While Adam does need to polish and tighten up his delivery on air, his style is never-the-less jovial, relaxing and quietly engaging. The emails read out on air might have better suited a more live phone-in format, rather than the ‘Martha from Maine’ and ‘Ned from New York’. The point of the forum was to advise and get good solid information across, and it did this well. The Writer’s Forum format chosen is definitely crying out for a more guest/interactive direction.

It will be interesting to see how it evolves over the coming weeks. Here is the link.

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