PW: Lamb Aiming For a New Vantage Point

Jim Milliot of Publishers Weekly (print edition) talks to David Lamb, owner of Vantage Press (POD Index, 230.65), one of the oldest vanity presses in the USA, about the company’s plans next spring to launch Vantage Point, a no-fee imprint for mid-list authors.

Back in its heyday, Vantage Press ruled the self-publishing (then known as vanity publishing) world, with a market share that hovered around 25% from the 1950s through the early 1990s. The profitable family-run New York company occasionally drew complaints, and lawsuits, from unhappy authors, but its biggest failure was not keeping up with the changes in technology that resulted in dozens of Web-based companies springing up to offer author services.

Lamb Aiming For a New Vantage Point

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