PW Article – Self-publishing: Changing Model, Getting Respect

This is quiet a weighty piece in yesterdays Publishers Weekly by Ann Byle on the new models of self-publishing. Alas, we appear to have a new phrase to describe self-publish – ‘custom publishing’.

“Self-publishing was once the uninvited guest at the publishing table. But as technology advances and authors develop marketing savvy, first-time and even some experienced authors are turning more often to what many in the industry are calling custom publishing. In religion publishing, this has particular appeal for religious leaders who already have an audience.”
I have to say, I must be moving in the wrong circles, because I have not heard too many publishers or author solutions services use the term and I am not sure we really need any new terms to describe what fundamentally is the right and freedom for an author to pay a company to publish their book. At this stage, I have heard all the labels I need to hear, some of them operate on different models, but at heart, it is pay-to-play — partnership, paid-publishing, self-publishing, subsidy publishing, assisted publishing, DIY publishing, vanity publishing etc.

Keith Ogorek, senior vice president of marketing for Author Solutions, is quoted along with many others at the helm of companies offering publishers and authors book publishing services. It wasn’t too long ago Author Solutions were describing the ‘explosion’ in self-publishing as the new wave of ‘indie publishing’.

There is actually a few companies cited in Byle’s article I would like to take a close look at. So over the coming weeks look out for further service reviews.
In the meantime; the article is certainly worth checking out.

Self-publishing: Changing Model, Getting Respect

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