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About a year and a half ago, Raider International Publishing became the first self-publishing service reviewed by The Independent Publishing Magazine to be listed as ‘not recommended‘ and that decision came from a long list of author complaints I received about this publishing service over the past two years. Sad, because buried in Raider some years back was the inspiration and will to be a strong publishing service. I’m not going to go back over much coverage of Raider again here, but a browse using the links or site search feature will fill you in on Raider’s development from it’s launch in 2005.
A web ad link caught my attention a couple of days ago. 

Purehaven Press


A Publisher Founded By Writers
For Writers! Seeking New Authors

The language of the text alerted me straight away. I’d seen that tag line a long time back. It was no surprise to be taken to The Purehaven Press – run by parent company Raider International Publishing. Sometimes it makes sense for a publisher – or subsidy publisher – to start another imprint. The company may be considering a completely new business strategy, or new line of services. But when that new imprint looks to be a mirror of what has gone before, you wonder…
From the Raider Bronze, Silver and Gold….we now have the newest collection of nugget-titled services… Amber, Quartz, Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald, priced from $499 to $4499. From Purehaven Press…

Here at the Purehaven Press, we provide several services found nowhere else on the Subsidy Publishing market today. Everything that we offer is designed to give you and your book the greatest chance of success.

We at Purehaven do things differently and we offer more than any other publisher on the market will, in order to produce and promote your book effectively. Below, we’ve listed three things that set us apart from all the rest… they are also three good reasons why you should publish your book with us…

Funny, I used to know another publisher who claimed the same thing! I think their name began with R something or other.
The moral of the story is fix what doesn’t work before moving on to any new imprint. This latest move by Raider just looks cynical and an attempt to start all over again with a clean slate. 
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