Publishr Author and Book Revealed

A couple of weeks ago we took a look at Publishr, a new innovative publishing project by Brett Sandusky and his team. Today, by way of personal introduction, Brian Joseph Davis revealed himself and his manuscript The Incompetents as soon-to-be Publishr author and novel.

Publishing is ready to embrace networked brainpower. Fiction writers, however, have been slow to warm to it. The reason may lie in the fact that writing is intensely asocial and reading is, likewise, a very isolated, meditative experience. Both states of being are massively rewarding in and of themselves but it takes publishing to connect the two. As editor Angus Cameron once had to admonish JD Salinger, “Do you want this book published or just printed?”

You can read more about the Publishr project, Brian Joseph Davis and his manuscript, The Incompetents, as well as the views of the Publishr team right here.

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