Publishing Perspectives: The Author and Their Tribe

Publishing Perspectives has in the past couple of days focused on the ideas of community, tribe and branding in publishing. I find this a fascinating area in regards to the future of publishing. A little over a month ago we took a look at branding from the self-published author’s point of view with this article called Branding and Publishing stategies.
Edward Nawotka has taken things further in the recent few days with some articles on publisher branding and on the idea of tribe in publishing. Fascinating articles and equally great comments posted there by PP’s readers.
Here is one particular piece from Nawotka speaking about the notion of ‘author’ and ‘tribe’.

“It is no longer merely used to describe a solitary writer working away in a room for hours on end. Today, it means the leader of a “tribe,” someone with their own community which they may have developed through their writing, blogging, Tweeting, et al. What’s more, technology has put the would-be “author” on equal footing with publishers: the cost of publishing — online or even in print — is free and/or accessible to most.”

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