Publishing Innovators

On POD, Self-Publishing & Independent Publishing, we have reviewed in detail many author solutions services for self-publishing authors. Last summer we began to expand our reviews to independent publishers, and in particular new publishing ventures which caught our eye through reasons of innovation and direct challenges to how publishing really works.
From tomorrow, a new link will appear on the site called ‘Publishing Innovators’ which will pull together the previous profiles and articles we have featured on publishing innovators over the last year.
The articles on Publishing Innovators presented here are not meant to be like the reviews we do of author solutions services, but rather, overviews of the publisher’s model of business and how the publisher plans to find their place within the publishing industry. We accept along the way, a few will succeed, but many more will wane and disappear.
While we pull together our previous Publishing Innovators, here is the newest venture with an interesting approach…

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