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Jerry D. Simmons has spent many years in the book publishing industry and I first came across him on Nothing Binding (a social network, resource for writers to communicate and sell their work) several years ago. He is an absolute hive of experience and has given many talks on the industry and delivered tutorials for self-publishing authors – some of which are linked below.
Yes, Jerry has made a life of being an advisor and consultant in the business of publishing to companies and authors, but first and foremost, he has always remained an advocate for authors.

From Jerry D. Simmons online bio:

I am a book publishing guide for unpublished writers and small publishers looking for sales growth. My career in publishing began in 1976 as a Sales Representative for Random House. In 1979 I joined the book division at Warner Communications, where I spent more than twenty-three years in sales and management. During that time the company expanded to become The Time Warner Book Group (sold to Hachette Book Group in 2006). Our sales team distributed over a thousand titles a year from a number of large publishing houses and imprints including Little, Brown; Warner Books; Hyperion; Miramax Books; Bulfinch; Back Bay; Little, Brown Books for Young Readers; and Disney. I sold books to some of the largest independent booksellers and mass merchants in the country and my sales group generated hundreds of millions of dollars in book sales throughout the United States and Canada. I retired as Vice-President, Director Field Sales.

In 2005 I founded this web site, which has become “THE” source for information about book publishing. My eNewsletter TIPS for WRITERS is read by writers around the world. In 2007 I founded the free online marketing platform which introduces writers and authors to a global audience. In 2009 I launched the INDI Publishing Group, providing writers with an imprint for their published work while creating opportunities for writers choosing to publish independently.

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