PublishAmerica Invite Themselves To Dinner At Random House

I don’t mention PublishAmerica here too often. There are many reasons why. Some of the reasons are contained in the articles and comments on the links, here and here. The Wikipaedia entry for PublishAmerica provides a better and less critical overview then they actually deserve. In a nutshell, I consider PublishAmerica the modern face of old-style vanity publishing, as transparent as a concrete block, and about as useful as one for an author looking for a self-publishing solution. If I might paint another description in your thoughts: imagine a Fox News or Voice of America of author solutions services. Better still, PublishAmerica presents itself as the epiphany of publishing.
Random House publish about 3,500 titles per year. PublishAmerica last year published 4,800 titles. What is the difference in regards to sales? The single top title for Random House would easily outstrip all of PublishAmerica’s sales a great many times over!
So why have PublishAmerica popped up here today?
Balls, guile and sheer marketing audacity are one thing for a company to ply in the pond of self-publishing, but too often, PublishAmerica wear the Emperor’s new clothes and swim with the deliberate and contrived innocence of a goldfish taking on the might of shark and whale in the open seas of the commercial publishing industry. This morning, many PublishAmerica authors (they do have their devotees) received the following email.
Dear Author:

PublishAmerica will submit your book to Random House!
Random House, the publishing company? Yes. We’re submitting your book to the world’s most famous publisher so they get a chance to read it and see if they want your book.

Every writer dreams about becoming a published author. Once they have reached that goal, as you have, many dream of the next step up: to become a Random House author. Random House is one of the most prestigious publishing names. Their extensive operation a few miles from our own headquarters makes them virtual neighbors.

We will submit not one, but up to five copies of your book to Random House’s acquisition editors, so that they can also pass the book around their imprints if they want. They may do anything they choose with the books. We will alert you immediately if Random House shows interest, and in that case we will do everything we can to ensure a smooth transition. Since PublishAmerica is not affiliated with Random House or its owner Bertelsmann, we would totally share in your pride.

Here’s how we do it:

If you want to have books on hand, order now, and we will donate up to five copies to Random House. And you receive a 50 pctdiscount!

Go to, find your book, click on it, then add to cart, indicate quantity, and use this coupon: Random50. Then click Recalculate and finish the transaction. Minimum volume is 10 copies.

By using the coupon you are authorizing us to donate the books to Random House. You may also request that we ship five FREE books to you instead.

Full-color and hardcovers excluded. Offer expires this weekend on Sunday night.

Thank You,
Publish America Author Support Team

Audacious, cheeky, or just downright taking the piss and abusing the gullibility of their authors (customers), I think. This is the worst, crudest and clumsiest effort I have ever seen by using the carrot and stick illusion of publishing dream to flog very expensive books by retail norms at the expense of their own foolish authors. Does Random House know anything about this? You can bet they don’t, and just what they will make of a heavy stream of poorly designed and edited self-published books turning up at the offices from next week doesn’t bare thinking about. I’m sure the new arrivals will be greeted with equal perplexity and distain.
This is the equivalent of inviting yourself to The White House for dinner with the Obamas, and not flinching an eye when Barack and Michelle sit down at the table and enquire who the hell you are and where that crappy pile of books came from.
I wonder if Michaele and Tareq Salahi had books with PublishAmerica.

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