PublishAmerica Discontinues Trade Paperback Books (UPDATE)

PublishAmerica (PBA 139.58) authors have been informed by email that the company is discontinuing trade paperback editions and books will only be available in hardback editions. It is a bizzare and troubling turn of events for its listed authors. As things stand with PublishAmerica, paperback retail prices are already considered excessive, and this latest development, if it is accurate, will leave authors with just an expensive hardback option and an ebook. The communication to authors, first sent out last Friday, states that PublishAmerica will list the hardback books at the paperback price. However, there are varying reports on the PublishAmerica forums that some paperback listed prices have risen by $3 to $5.

The news first started circulating in the PublishAmerica Forums late last week and was confirmed by one of their forum moderators – see the Site Admin posting from ‘infocenter’ in this discussion:

“PublishAmerica is announcing in that message that it is discontinuing most of its softcovers. Hardcover-only for tens of thousands of books.”

Here is the full body of the email sent to PublishAmerica authors on Friday:

Dear Author:

We are discontinuing almost all of our softcovers. After next week these books will be available from PublishAmerica only in hardcover, at the same list price as the softcovers.

That’s the very good news. The mixed news is that therefore this must be our final deep-discount sales offer. If you want to stock up on softcovers one more time and obtain them at a super low price, this is your final opportunity.

Hardcovers are more expensive to make. There is no margin for the deep discounts that we can allow for the softcovers that we are now discontinuing. That’s why there cannot and will not be any more deep-discount sales offers for all authors such as today’s. Going forward we must stay close to regular pricing.

Three days only, final time: go to, and use this coupon: Final. You’ll not only receive a 50 pct discount, but we will also double your order at our own expense, which will effectively give you a discount of roughly 75 pct on each softcover. You may buy as many or as few softcovers as you want, and we will ship twice as many to you. After next week they will be discontinued. No more softcovers, no more deep discounts.

Note that the free books don’t show up in the shopping cart, but your use of the Final coupon automatically ensures their production. We’ll even cover the shipping of the freebies; they are our farewell-softcover gift to you. Example: if you purchase 12 softcovers, we will send you 12 extra, for a total of 24.

This change to hardcover-only is unique and important. That’s why we issued a “news alert” last night. No other traditional publisher offers this quality product for tens of thousands of titles. Expect change to start appearing in our bookstore after next week. Hardcovers are excluded from this offer. Select titles may be exempt from change or future limited discounting.

Thank you!
–PublishAmerica Bookstore

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