President Obama to Self-Publish Novel

President Barack Obama is set to join the ranks of the self-publishing community when his second term as US president finishes at 11.59am on January 20th, 2017. The US president revealed the news that he is penning a novel slated for release in late 2016 or early 2017 while taking a jog at 6am on Monday morning.

Running through the purpose-built jogging track on the south lawn of the White House, and frantically pursued by six invited photographers and journalists, the President casually talked about his writing aspirations and laughed off the fact that he had actually declined three seven-figure deals over the past year from Random House, Penguin and Simon & Schuster for a proposed memoire focussed on his White House years.
The fact resident Barack Obama invited some media suggests the early-morning revelation had some planning from his press office.
Foregoing the opportunity of a political memoire, President Obama has instead opted for a novel in what will be his first serious foray into the world of fiction, though he has actually authored three previous non-fiction books. Declining offers from three of the big-five New York publishers, President Obama also revealed that he has been working on the novel for six years and it will be published through O’Bama Press, an imprint set up in Ireland by his staff after a state visit to Ireland in 2011.

I did think about some kind of memoire, but it’s not really me. I’m proud to be an American and to hold the greatest office in the world. I’m not one for political kiss-and-tell. I abide by the old saying—what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.~ Barack Obama, President of the USA

President Obama has already completed a first draft of his satirical romance novel, set in Hawaii, with a working title of Goofing Out Under The Palms, but his two terms as US president has dramatically curtailed his writing aspirations.

The girls and I still read a lot and I’ve fond memories of reading to them when they were young. I’ve been writing since my college years and on and off since then. Fiction is so much harder than history and the real stuff.~ Barack Obama, President of the USA

President Obama went on to reveal his favourite reads and how he heard about self-publishing before returning to his Oval Office and breakfast on Monday.

I’m a big fan of Toni Morrison, Joseph O’Neill, Richard Price and Hugh Howie. I love Hugh’s Wool series and Michelle and I had the pleasure of having dinner at the White House with him last Fall over some beautiful Californian wine and red lobster. I’m just instantly hooked on the idea of self-publishing when I talked to Hugh.~ Barack Obama, President of the USA

Intriguingly, the President did reveal he is going to be a savvy self-published author when he remarked that he intends using director of speechwriting for the White House, Jon Favreau, as his editor, and Jay Carney (current White House Press secretary) as his publicist.
Following today’s standard daily White House press briefing, TIPM did request further information on the President’s off-the-cuff remarks to journalists during his early morning jog. We were only provided with this short comment from a White House spokesman who insisted on remaining anonymous.

The President is a strong supporter of literature and he is an avid writer with two bestselling books already. He writes a little on the balcony late at night with the window open. He’s shown me some of the stuff he writes in his notebooks. Man, that shit would make Frank Underwood blush!~ White House Unnamed Source


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