POD TV – Program 7: Jeremy Robinson Profile

For POD TV Program 7, we look at modern self-publishing success, Jeremy Robinson in his own words, videos, and recent book promotion for his novel ‘Pulse’.

“I self-published my first three novels, The Didymus Contingency, Raising the Past and Antarktos Rising. The success of the books led to a three book deal with Thomas Dunne/St. Martins for three new novels, the first of which will be released in 2009. My success as a self-publisher (via my small POD press, Breakneck Books) also led to an investor taking note in my business and investing in a new parent company, Variance, which I co-own. We are now publishing authors like Steve Alten, Steven Savile and Joseph Flynn, along with three more novels by myself (including a republication of Antarktos Rising), to be released in coordination with Thomas Dunne.”


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