POD TV – Program 18: Cartoon Irreverence – Book Promo Trailer For ‘Ditch The Agent’

Ditch The Agent is a book by author, Jack King and explains how authors can achieve a traditional publishing deal without having to venture down the vanity and self-publishing avenues. Here is his irreverent trailer for the book, entitled, How [Not] to publish a book.

Begin with “DITCH THE AGENT – The Book for Writers”, written by a published author. This book answers the most pressing questions on every aspiring author’s mind, from creating query letters, to submitting a manuscript, and to finding contact information for those elusive editors.

See the entire process, in-depth, from the perspective of a published author. Invaluable first-hand experience that will save you time and aggravation, and help secure a publishing deal with a traditional book-publishing House (NOT POD, vanity, or self-publishing!)

From Jack King’s website.

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