POD, Self Publishing & Independent Publishing – Some Technical Revisions

Please excuse the brief respite over the past day or so. The site has been undergoing some revisions and these should be completed in the next twenty four hours. I felt a growing need to re-organize links and some layout concerns raised through feedback from many visitors. Much of these concerns focussed on visitors having difficulty finding older resource information and general difficulties with navigating the site.

While we seriously considered moving service provider and starting from scratch with a new web address, ultimately, late yesterday, we decided to stick with Google’s Blogger platform in spite of its restrictions. So much so, an entire mirror site was created on WordPress and all material was ported over there since Monday evening.

The overall look of the site remains the same, but it has been re-coded and upgraded to allow more space (a third column on the left), and the Publisher Reviews and Resources have been re-jigged and organised in a more user-friendly way.

Followers will know this is the third revision over the past two years for the site and each one has been prompted by suggestions from visitors and the growing volume of information available here. We will be introducing more links on Articles and Interviews and any links existing on Monday evening should be fully restored before the end of this week.

While these changes are going on, we have turned off the AD Links until we decide how they can best fit in a little more subtly into the layout of the site.

Again, thank you for your patience. Normal service has been resumed.

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