POD Self Publishing & Independent Publishing Forum – Launched

It is the week for launches, and without further ado, hot on the heels of POD TV here yesterday, comes POD Self Publishing & Independent Publishing Forum.

While the site here remains a tremendous resource (I hope) of information for authors, the format simply does not allow for the free-flowing debate and comment on the subject which I am sure has put some posters off. The structure of the forum is up and running, but is open to suggestion and refinement, so your input is welcome (on the Welcome forum posts).

From discussion with other site owners and administrator in the area of self-publishing, these forums are the most difficult to set up and build momentum and membership. I will be cross-posting as many links as I can, and the forum will also allow me to spark debate as well as posting information which may not sustain an article or posting here, but may in fact derive very specific responses and questions on the forum.

The Forum follows much of the pattern I have tried to look at publishing, from traditional through to subsidy, partnership, vanity, and true self-publishing, as well as the technical areas of book preparation, promotion and marketing of your book, and all the wider issues.

Your support is greatly appreciated and sign up to the forum is of course entirely free.

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