POD, Self Publishing and Independent Publishing

I’ve very much let this site development into what it has now become; a site that authors and people interested in Self Publishing, Digital Print on demand and Independent Publishing can check in on for news, advice, publisher reviews and resources about the industry and process of publishing. Over the past two years of writing many articles and news postings for this site; I’ve moved further away from the subject matter of my own books and the actual craft of fiction writing.

While I may once in a while touch on these areas in the future here, I have decided to separate the business and personal end of things. There will shortly be a new site which will deal exclusively with articles and the promotion of my own books of fiction and will include more ‘writing based’ material from book extracts to articles dealing with the subject material of my books.

To reflect this, the more eagle-eyed will have noticed that I have now dropped the ‘Mick Rooney (Official Author Site)’ from this site’s name.

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