POD Publisher’s Poll-Final 4 days

Just a last reminder that the POD Publishers poll, which has been running on the site for the past two months, enters its final four days for casting a vote. If you have not already voted, then vote this weekend. At the moment, IUniverse and Lulu are taking more than 40% of the overall pole.

I have previously looked at Lulu in some detail having used their publishing service for my last novel, Academy, so I intend to focus on the other leading three POD publishers who come out on top of the poll. I will post articles looking at the service they provide and compare them with my own experience with Lulu.

I have been planning for the past while to pull together some of my previously published shorter fiction into a collection of work, and this may be an ideal opportunity to use one of the three POD publisher’s services which I focus on for this particular project. All will be revealed in the coming weeks. Just at the minute I am still tied up with completing the final proofing of ‘Trees’.

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