POD Best Practices – Angela Hoy with Wise Words

“The reason so many large POD publishers have bad reputations, and the reason they rarely respond to public criticism, is because they don’t care. They really don’t. Their business model is to cram as many authors through their doors as they can, and to squeeze as much money out of each author as they can. That’s it. If this was not the truth, they would screen submissions, they would reject bad manuscripts, and they would teach authors how to market their own books for free (instead of selling them garbage that doesn’t sell books)… So, it’s to that POD publisher’s financial best interest to squeeze the author for even more money than to help them market their books for free.”

Angela Hoy,
of Booklocker.com and Writersweekly, writing this week about POD Best Practices.

There is nothing more you could add or say about the above comment from Angela Hoy that could more eloquently illuminate the points she makes.

The full article is here.

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