Perseus Book Group Offers POD Service to Independent Publishers

Small presses and independent publishers are being given a greater opportunity to utilise Print-On-Demand technology by the Perseus Book Group. The Perseus Book Group are one of the largest independent publishers of books, including the imprints Basic Books and Vanguard Press. It provides services such as sales, marketing and distribution to more than 300 independent publishers.

Perseus have been negotiating with a number of industry companies, and these companies will form part of the service when it is launched under the name, Constellation. These companies include, Sony (for their ebook reader), Google (search book features), Barnes & Noble (On-line sales) and Lightning Source (for print on demand technology).

The Perseus Book Group believe that this new service will allow independent and small publishers to get their catalogue of books more widely and quickly available in print and electronic form.

The full article on this story appeared this week in the New York Times. You can view it here:

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