Patience May Be A Virtue For Arrival of UK Apple iPad

Following the initial fanfare for Apple’s iPad media party on Wednesday and considerable review and discussion on the tablet device, more sobering reflection and comment is beginning to emerge. Much focus has been made of Apple’s mirror sites globally and the fact that iBooks, the device’s dedicated store platform for e-books will only be available in the United States for the March launch. Other Apple sites (Austrailia) make ‘small print’ mention of the unavailability of e-books outside of the US, but many more sites do not even make reference to the existence of iBooks!
The iPad is slated for a June/July UK release, but at this stage, without publication territory rights in place with the big publishers, and no iBook presence, it’s hard to see any European launch going ahead at this time unless these critical supports are all in place. It would be like if Amazon had launched their dedicated Kindle device without the Kindle stores.
So, if you are eagerly waiting for a UK released iPad, you may have to wait a little longer than otherwise expected. Watch this space…

As an aside to this particular discussion – Publishing Perspectives this morning looks at the plans Apple might have for the iPad and how publishers may not be entirely thrilled with those prospects.

“I would argue that Apple is in an equally strong position to become a publisher. Apple’s iPhoto software already offer users the opportunity to create photo albums based on templates which can then be easily converted into attractive bound books. It would take only a little effort for Apple to add similar functionality to its iWork software and to allow users to easily convert a document and images into an e-book, which could then be instantly uploaded to iBooks for sale.”

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