Partnership Publishing – New Site From SciFi Author Clive Osborne Rapley

I came across sci-fi author, Clive Osborne Rapley’s new site which takes a particular focus on Partnership Publishing. Clive discusses his experiences using Pen Press in the UK and is currently looking to hear from other authors who have used Partnership Publishers and Subsidy Publishers.

Are you thinking of writing a book?
Have you written a book?
Want to know how to publish your book?

Then please read on. Hopefully the experience of others will help you. Have you used a Partnership or Subsidy Publishing Company?

Please share your publishing experience good or bad. You will get a link to your website as well as the satisfaction of helping others.

This is the website where you won’t find the superior or condescending attitude. It is designed to help you make a decision regarding your book. It offers information on an alternative middle way to get your book published.

If you have used a partnership or subsidy publishing company then please share your experience good or bad to help others who have yet to make the decision. Please go here if you have a story to tell.

I have used my first book Guardian to illustrate the process and decisions I have taken to get my book published.”

You can find Clive’s website at the link below,

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