Outskirts Press Become ISBN Agent For Bowker

US author solutions service, Outskirts Press (OUT 208.18), based in Denver, Colorado, has announced that it has become an authorised agent of R. R. Bowker, the US ISBN Agency. The agreement will allow Outskirts Press to apply and assign a single ISBN’s and barcode on behalf of authors using their book publishing and marketing services.
Outskirts Press were allowing authors to publish a book under their own imprint name using their services provided the author had already acquired a block of ISBN’s from Bowker or one of their authorised agents. Outskirts Press were charging a $99 Publishing Imprint fee which allowed authors bring their own ISBN to the publishing table. Frankly, I never agreed with this $99 fee, because it struck me as more of penalty or punishment for authors wanting to use their own publishing imprint name and ISBN. A review of their website and packages does not make it entirely clear if this $99 ISBN and private imprint fee can be added to all of their publishing packages.
Now, at least there is a valid reason for the $99 fee and the author has something to show for it.

“While our best publishing packages have always included ISBNs, now self-publishing authors have the option of owning their own ISBN and publishing under their own imprint name while still receiving all the valuable publishing and marketing support of Outskirts Press.”

Brent Sampson, Outskirts Press CEO

“Bowker is excited to partner with Outskirts Press to help the more savvy self-publishing authors secure their own ISBNs and take control over how their books are identified, discovered, and sourced in bibliographic catalogues.”

Andy Weissberg, Bowker Vice President of Identifier Services and Corporate Marketing

For more information about the Private Label Imprint and ISBN option from Outskirts Press, visit this link.

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