Outer Banks Publishing Group – Overview

You may not recognise the name Anthony Policastro. There is no particular reason why you should. You also may not recognise a new publisher on the block called Outer Bank Publishing Group. Why should you?
Well, Policastro used to be a business analyst for Lulu and Outer Bank Publishing Group is his brain-child—a digital publisher describing itself as a hybrid of business models utilising viral marketing, social media networks and print on demand publishing. While none of this is new to modern publishing, Policastro believes he has come up with something that may appeal to authors.

“Outer Banks Publishing Group is one of the first publishing houses that treat you, the author, as a partner in the promotion and sale of your book. We are open to suggestions that will ultimately expose your work to potential readers and sell more copies of your book whether it is electronic or in print.”

Policastro either likes walks on the beaches for pleasure, lives by the beach or he is big into surfing, because the Outer Banks Publishing website is big on these visual scenes and big on a lot of ideals.
This is how they describe themselves and what they offer:

“The publishing industry is undergoing a paradigm shift that is catastrophic for the industry. The old business models, born out of The Great Depression, and still in use today no longer work with the onset of the new digital printing technologies, social networking, and the Internet.

What it means for you as an author is that your dream of being published by traditional publishing houses is more difficult because the houses can no longer afford to take as many risks with unknown authors.

Outer Banks Publishing Group is different.

We are the first publishing house to use state-of-the-art digital printing technologies, social networking, virtual marketing, and the Internet to produce, promote, sell, and brand you and your book in the largest market in the world – the Internet.

Outer Banks Publishing Group was created with the same innovative and pioneering spirit displayed by the Wright Brothers who achieved the first flight more than 100 years ago. Hence, the name seems appropriate for what we hope to achieve in the publishing industry.”

Obviously, Politcastro has been hibernating for the last 11 years of self-publishing since the inception of POD, as well as viral and internet book marketing and blogs.
Outer Banks Publishing say they operate like a traditional publisher, though they do not offer advances, and describe their process in acquiring perspective books as selective and a partnership between author and publisher. Outer Banks Publishing plan to publish books they accept digitally at first with a view to moving to print once a book proves its pedigree.
Outer Banks Publishing list the following as part of their publishing program for any book they accept for publication:
Provide editorial guidance to make your book the best it can be
Actively solicit your input in the design of the cover. After all who knows your book best.
Publish your book as an eBook on various retail eBook sites including the Amazon Kindle
Publish your book as a trade paperback and distribute on Amazon and book retailers internationally if it qualifies.
Set up a Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking site accounts if you do not already have them
Conduct an international blog tour
Send press releases to appropriate media
Actively market your book in as many channels as possible for maximum exposure
This publisher remains in a very early stage of development and lists just four books, three of which bear a variation on the Policastro name, and a third is Martin Brossman’s social networking book. Like the website graphics, it uses a beach scene on the cover and some nice seagulls on a shoreline—some walking on the sand and some taking flight. I am sure they are very happy seagulls but I have absolutely no idea what they have to do with the content and theme of the book.
Still, it looks a nice place to stay during the good weather and have a summer-house, but just right now, not where I would want to shop my next book, at least for a little while (a big little while).

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