Other Press – Doing it The Other Way

Recently I’ve been spending quite a bit of time looking at UK and US based independent and small press publishers in the hopes of placing my last completed novel ‘Trees’. One of the biggest challenges for any author is finding the right publisher for their work. Often the strength of an independent publisher is that they have more of a distinctive identity than larger publishing houses.
Other Press is a good example of a strong independent press who define their identity perfectly. Here is a snippet from their ‘About Us’ web page followed by a video they have posted to Youtube.

“Other Press attracts authors who are guided by a passion to discover the limits of knowledge and imagination. We publish novels, short stories, poetry, and essays from America and around the world that represent literature at its best. Our nonfiction books–should they be history, current events, popular culture or memoir–explore how psychic, cultural, historical, and literary shifts inform our vision of the world and of each other.”

If only all publishers could as easily and definitively present their publishing ethos as well as Other Press – the publishing world would be a better place. In times when editors and publishers alike are quick to berate the lack of authors who can define their books and their message when submitting manuscripts – its good to know there are publishers who can do this for their business impeccably.
Here are two Other Press authors and their recent publications.

We have spent much time over the past two years on POD, Self Publishing & Independent Publishing looking at author solution companies, and while we will continue to do this, our reviews and insight will expand much more to small presses and independent publishers.

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