Or Books – New, OR Kind of New?

This promotional snippet is doing the rounds at the moment. Featuring Colin Robinson and John Oakes who will soon be launching OR Books, billed as an ‘alternative publisher’. Like many who have viewed and hosted this promotional video on their websites, I’m all for alternatives to traditional publishing, whether that is out and out Self Publishing by an author, Subsidized Publishing or Partnership Publishing. All these forms of publishing ventures and paths utilize print-on-demand digital technology for the most part, and what is more, they have being doing it for more than ten years.

So, I’m not sure what Robinson and Oakes feel is ‘new’ about their publishing entity beyond perhaps not charging authors to have their books published. Their publishing model seems closest to an Ebook publisher who choose the much in-demand titles to issue paper editions of books.

Without further ado…here’s Colin and John…

OR Books from OR Books on Vimeo.

OR Books

The above website doesn’t give away too much, does it? Still, we await the full launch of OR Books, coming autumn 2009.

Here is a further review of OR Books as of July 2009 with a few more detailed snippets.

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