O’Brien Press Launch Storytime Reads For February

Promotions seem to be the flavour of the day with independent bookstores. Irish publisher O’Brien Press has teamed up with Kelloggs, the makers of breakfast cereal Rice Krispies and Hughes & Hughes bookstore. In a book promotion called Rice Krispies Storytime, starting in February, six children’s books can be redeemed against vouchers available with the purchase of each box of the famous breakfast cereal. The vouchers can then be redeemed at the counter of at Hughes & Hughes bookstore. Purchases have also the option of posting the vouchers off in exchange for a book. The promotion features Irish children’s authors and these are the six books available:

Boo and Bear by Enda Wyley
Bertie Rooster by Maddie Stewart
Granny’s Teeth by Brianóg Brady Dawson
Mad Grandad and the Mutant River by Oisín McGann
Hazel Wood Girl by Judy May
Epic by Conor Kostick

With this morning’s announcement of Bertrams classic books for independent bookstores, there seems to be much good commercial spirit in the air to start off the New Year. Perhaps things really are lookin up for the booktrade in general.

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