Normal Service Resumed: Site Administration

Normal service has now resumed at POD, Self-Publishing & Independent Publishing with a new black-white-red logo. You will also notice we have completely revamped the site and finally put to bed the template we were using since we first officially launched the site in January 2008. There is only so much you can do with a template and the one retired was laden with customizations, widgets and a great deal of compromises to facilitate the wealth of content we feature. We took the old Blogger template as far as we could take it. Originally we started out with a very basic two-column entity, added another column, but even that presented limitations. So, this evening, we set her out to pasture, and shrugged off the moody dark and light browns and oranges for more whiteness, expanse and freshness.
You will find everything that was on the old site here, but the additional extra column now lets us fully separate out the social networking links and traffic graphics from our reviews and resources. The posts-preview window returns after we had to switch it off last week due to continued script and flash-loading errors throughout the past few weeks.
There is a few more tweaks to put in place over the coming days, but essentially, the site will be as you see it now. 

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