New to Self-Publishing? Here is the TIPM Database of Essential Online Reading

new_path_road-less-traveledBefore you decide on the publishing route that is right for you, and contemplate the self-publishing path, it is important to do your research. We’ve put together a list of helpful articles (and videos) we recommend reading before making a firm decision. You will find out what how the publishing industry has developed in recent years, and what are the right steps to self-publishing for the first time author.

This is not a nuts and bolts practical manual about how to self-publish, but a knowledge base of insightful articles from TIPM and many thought leaders in the industry. There is a lot an author should know about the world of publishing and the following list is both a starter pack and an armour against some of the early misconceptions authors can adopt before they decide to take the publishing road less travelled.

Has Self-Publishing Stopped Being the Road Less Travelled?

The Future of Publishing 2020: Connect (or Be Damned)

The Future of Publishing 2020: A Program for Publishers & Self-Publishers (Part 1)

The Future of Publishing 2020: A Program for Publishers & Self-Publishers (Part 2)

The Future of Publishing 2020: Risk

The Future of Publishing 2020: Disruption

The Future of Publishing 2020: Control

The Future of Publishing 2020: The Push & the Pull

How to Avoid Self-Publishing Heartache

Authors Must Be Marketers

A Beginner’s Guide to the World of Self-Publishing

The 12 Publishing Shakers You Should Be Following

How Publishing Works Today

The Indie Author Manifesto

What to Expect from Indie Publishing

The Future of Publishing 2020: Driving toward the Maass of Shit Volcano

Is self-publishing creating a hierarchical community for its authors?

Your Publishing Path: Stop and Be Patient!

Overcoming the 7 Deadly Sins of Writing

When Self-Publishing Advice Should Never Include a MUST

The Key Book Publishing Paths 2.0

Practical Tips for Authors from Publishing Consultant Mick Rooney

Successful Book Marketing Requires a Plan

10 People Who Helped Shape the Future of Modern Publishing

Self-Publishing Conference UK – Slideshow

The Rise of the Self-Publishing Experts

How to Avoid the Vanity Publishing Trap

12 Points to Consider When Choosing a Good Author Solutions Provider

How to Approach Book Reviewers the RIGHT Way


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