New Publishing Express – RIP

After almost six months of trialling New Publishing Express, our dedicated news site, we decided to take it out back and put a bullet in its head. It went quietly and without much protest with few turning up for its solemn passing.
Will I miss it? No. It was like working late on a Friday night when your mates were down the pub. It was like babysitting under-fours for a whole bank holiday weekend when the sun outside is splitting the trees. Bluntly, it just wasn’t worth the effort involved.
New Publishing Express was always an experiment, created to see if we could successfully separate our short news service posts from the bulk of what we do here on POD, Self Publishing & Independent Publishing.
…even we found it dull and fucking boring.
Now, forgive me, but I must take a long drive up into the mountains to dispose of something…unpleasant…I may be some hours…

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