New Leaf Launches Distribution Service

New Leaf Distributing Co. is the largest wholesale distributor of books and recorded media in the Mind/Body/Spirit sector in the world. The company has been operating since 1975 and provides a dedicated and innovative wholesale distribution service to thousands of independent retailers and publishers.
At a time in the book publishing world when independent publishers and retailers are particularly feeling the economic pinch, New Leaf Distributing Co. has introduced a new division, New Leaf Distribution Services, providing a distribution service for small presses and self-published authors. While the new division—like the wholesale division—will host and supply its impressive range of Mind/Body/Spirit catalogue, New Leaf Distribution Services will offer books and products from small presses in other genres.

“We have no aspirations to become another NBN or PGW but rather to offer specialized services that will even serve self-published authors.”

Alim Thompson, President and CEO, speaking to PW this week.

New Leaf Distribution Services will use Ingram and Baker & Taylor to supply its independent retailers, but there will be just as much a focus to get books into major chains and on places like Amazon. Curiously, New Leaf are not intending on hiring a sales force in the short-term, but instead have hired Ken Kaiman, director of sales at Square One Publishers, to run the sales division. So far, the new division has signed up five publishers to their new distribution service.
While I believe New Leaf’s support of independent publishers and retailers has always been strong, I’m not convinced on the logic employed here in offering a distribution service without a dedicated sales team in-house. This strikes me as a kind of halfway-house—a step up from logistic wholesaling, but not quite a full and dedicated distribution service. Time will tell.

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