New Irish Self-Publishing Service On The Block

There is a new Irish kid on the self-publishing block – The Author’s Friend. We spoke some days ago here about the lack of publishing news and concerted focus on the industry in Ireland when Eoin Purcell launched the much needed Irish Publishing News. Up until now, there really has only been three author solution services worth a mention here in Ireland – Original Writing, Choice Publishing and Checkpoint Press. We have reviewed the first two services here, but a review of Checkpoint Press is due in the coming week or two.
We will see how The Author’s Friend fair and maybe take a closer look later this year, but it is our policy not to generally review new author services until they have a chance to establish themselves. This from their site:

“We provide assisted publishing services to help authors, writer, poets, historians, editors, anyone in fact, who is looking to turn their manuscripts into books.

Our assisted publishing service covers all aspects of publishing including production and sales.

Many of the titles which we have helped to publish are available to buy from our online catalogue.

We also believe in providing a service to the writing community. Our News Blog serves as a point of contact for all that is happening in writing and publishing circles.”

And this, definitely needing some editorial website attention:

“Many of the titles we have helped to publish are available to buy from our Online Catalogue. At the same you don’t have to publish with The Author’s Friend to avail of our sales, marketing and promotion services. As long as you have retained the selling rights to your work, we can help you find the distribution channels that gets your book into the hands of your readers.

Our service takes self-publishing out of the realm of ‘vanity publishing’, turning it into a profitable enterprise for you, the author. Best of all, with our assisted publishing service, you, the author, retain the copyright and all other publishing rights to your work.”

And the folks behind The Author’s Friend can be viewed here.
There also have a blog just started. We wish The Author’s Friend the very best for 2010.

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