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Around this time last year, I began to streamline the content on POD, Self-Publishing & Independent Publishing – moving much of the daily news content over to my own Facebook profile page – while still keeping the more substantial content here (articles and reviews). What started out as a somewhat risky move has actually proved to be an extraordinary success. The Facebook profile has – over the last year – attracted nearly 2400 friends to date and that figure continues to rise by the day. Likewise, it has brought a greater deal of traffic to this website from the Facebook links. Twitter has also been another open avenue for access to the site.
In some ways it has been frustrating to see a dedicated following visit and support the site since it first began over three years ago, and, yet, so many of them were missing out on the growing lively interaction and debate on the daily Facebook profile. I lost count of the amount of times I was emailed to say; ‘why don’t you post as much to the site now?’ The reality was that entirely the opposite – I was struggling to maintain a number of publishing and writing orientated websites as well as the Facebook profile all at the same time. My problem was letting followers know about the various websites, forums and social networks I was using on a daily basis. What it has led to is an increased workload in maintaining all the social connectivity while not wanting to neglect any given platform. I am still in the process of meeting that cross-functionality, while not neglecting any means followers discover POD, Self-Publishing & Independent Publishing.
Facebook is not for everyone, and while it offers immediate and almost live feedback and comment, many followers prefer the more static and considered environment this site offers. With that in mind, I have tried to bring the two voids closer by introducing much more cross-functionality and comment by using Facebook Developers and a number of applications they provide. As of yesterday, POD, Self-Publishing & Independent Publishing gets it’s own dedicated Facebook page feed from this site. I’ve also introduced a great deal more integration with Facebook using follower login in and cross commenting between the two platforms. I hope all will be comforted that my intentions are to make both paths to daily news and resources on independent and self-publishing and the wider publishing world more accessible.
For now, let’s see how we all get on. I’m always open to comment and opinion…
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