Mybestseller Launches Sweek: A Reading and Writing Mobile Platform


Dutch self-publishing company Mybestseller has just launched a reading and writing mobile platform. The new venture is not unlike platforms like Wattpad, but also encompasses publishing services with a heavy focus on the smartphone audience.

Press Release:

New platform Sweek makes reading and writing mobile

Mybestseller, one of the market leaders in self-publishing, introduces Sweek, a new global and mobile platform for reading and writing. Authors can publish their stories in an instant, while readers can easily read them online and offline. Sweek is available on Android, web and iOS (coming July 2016), and at its launch will contain over 20.000 published stories and books in various languages.

The rise of mobile reading

Although Sweek serves a broad audience of readers and writers, it is particularly focused on the smartphone generation who is online 24/7. ‘These people still read a lot, but in a different way,’ says Peter Paul van Bekkum, CEO of Mybestseller and Sweek. ‘Similarly to other industries, the smartphone is on the rise in the publishing world, and publishers are still searching for ways to embrace this phenomenon. With Sweek, we are entering the next chapter in publishing. The new rockstars of writing will arise from mobile publishing.’

From short stories to serialized writing

Authors can use Sweek to publish all types of content, in all genres and languages. Next to that, Sweek facilitates serialized writing. ‘Sweek is there for – amongst others – short stories, blog posts, books and serialized writing: the never-ending stories,’ states Sabine van der Plas, co-founder and marketing manager at Sweek. ‘We’re expecting a lot of short stories, but also that many ‘traditional’ books will be published on Sweek which will be chapter driven. These serialized stories can build up the interest of readers and have the potential to become the talk of the town, gaining a massive amount of followers.’

Reading and writing become social

Veronika Kartovenko, co-founder and business development manager at Sweek: ‘Sweek brings together the author and the reader. Readers can follow and like stories, and share them via social media channels, while creating a tight reading community. They can also give direct feedback to the author. With one click, authors can directly reach their followers. Compared to the current situation, in which reading is a solitary activity and the author doesn’t know who his readers are, this fundamentally changes the nature of reading and writing.’

Marketing tool for authors

Sweek is there for everyone, also for established authors. Sabine: ‘Sweek is the ideal marketing tool for top authors and traditional publishers. By sharing exciting content on Sweek, authors create a loyal fanbase, including digital natives. This fanbase is best used when the new book is traditionally published, by for instance putting the first chapter(s) on Sweek and including a link to buy it. The author reaches a new – inaccessible earlier – audience, who gets immediately notified whenever a new chapter has been published, and thus stimulates book sales. The author and publisher can also decide on the sales channel. Currently, very few authors have a strong presence on social media, which we believe directly threatens their future sales.’

Publishing perspective

By introducing Sweek, Mybestseller offers authors and publishers a comprehensive solution and innovative tools for self-publishing and mobile publishing, that can be easily integrated in their strategy in the fast changing publishing world. Peter Paul: ‘With both Mybestseller and

Sweek, we are strategically well-positioned. Mybestseller provides any author an opportunity to easily publish their book (print and e-book) and sell it via all relevant sales channels, such as Amazon, but also directly sell it via social media to earn an extremely high margin.’ Veronika: ‘Sweek adds the dimension of mobile publishing and lays foundation for the future of publishing. The manner in which Sweek was developed allows us to launch several spin offs related to mobile publishing in the near future, among which could also be paid apps.’

About Sweek

Sweek is a mobile platform which allows anyone to read, write and share stories. All over the world. In an instant. For free. On Sweek you can find stories of both upcoming writers and established top authors, in all genres, to be read online and offline. Readers can follow, like and share stories, and readers and writers are directly connected. Sweek is free for all users, and from its launch will be available in 10 languages and allowing for publication in over 60.

Download the Sweek Android app in the Play Store.

About Mybestseller

Mybestseller gives any author an opportunity to easily publish their book (print and e-book) and sell it via all relevant sales channels, such as Amazon, but also directly via social media. Next to operating its own brands as and, Mybestseller offers third parties a full service white label solution. This way, any publisher, bookseller or content party can immediately integrate self-publishing in their strategy, for instance and Mybestseller is active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Turkey.


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