MWA Place Harlequin Back on Approved List

The Mystery Writers of America (MWA) have contacted its members through an e-bulletin to inform them that romance publisher Harlequin has agreed to abide by all of the MWA’s qualifying criteria for inclusion in their Approved Publishers List.
From the e-bulletin:

“We are pleased to welcome Harlequin, and all of its imprints, back onto our Approved Publishers list. Harlequin has agreed to abide by all of our existing criteria for inclusion. This means that Harlequin books, including those published within the last year, are eligible for Edgar consideration and their authors for active status MWA membership.”

The MWA removed Harlequin from their Approved Publishers list at the end of last year following the launch of DellArte Press, a self-publishing service founded by Harlequin following a partnership deal they signed with Author Solutions Inc, the largest global company offering paid-publishing solutions for authors. The MWA criteria states that such self-publishing and promotional services must be wholly separate entities of publishers and any of their imprints.
For more on what led to this whole debate and all the issues involved, you can check out the links below from the news stories and articles we posted extensively last year.

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