The results of the POD Publisher Poll concluded today. The poll was run over the past two months and I would like to thank all who took part and voted. Again, the poll was never intended as an exact barometer or science into POD publishers, but instead a guide as to which publishers authors had experience of, and considered to be reputable.

Xlibris topped the poll with 25% of the overall vote. Lulu was second with 19%, IUniverse third with 12% and tied in joint fourth, Booklocker and Outskirts Press. Honourable mentions also go to Authors-online and Mill City Press in fifth place.

As promised, I will be looking at the services of the top four POD publishers in articles over the coming weeks. As I have previously written quite a bit about Lulu and published ‘Academy’ through their service, I will be looking at the following publishers in detail.

Article 1 – Xlibris
Article 2 – IUniverse
Article 3 – Booklocker
Article 4 – Outskirts Press

The articles will look at the publisher’s services as well as their on-line web sites, and consider their suitability for publication of a collection of shorter prose I referred to in a previous article.

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