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One year ago, almost to the day, Christopher Finlan was in a very different place. Diagnosed with ADD, and believing his life was somehow ruined, he was ready to give up on the life he had built and move to Texas to try and start afresh. But something made Finlan stay with his family in Philadelphia.

“I started writing a book and it only took one day to finish the first chapter. I had someone (not related to me and who didn’t owe me money) read it and they thought it wasn’t bad and encouraged me to keep going with it. And so I did. Unlike my past resolutions, I actually kept with it to the point where my story turned into a (self-) published piece called Not A Fire Exit.

… accomplishing what seemed to be an impossible task, made me learn quite a few things, not only about myself, but just how much of a difference a year can make. One year ago, I was ready to give up on the life… I’ve learned that trying something new doesn’t mean you have to give up on those whom love and care for you to do so. That day when I sat down to write a book–my life changed. And so did countless other days that followed. All this change in one year, just because I sat down on the same couch, in the same basement and decided it wasn’t too late to do something different: accomplishing an impossible goal.”

Christopher Finlan finished Not A Fire Exit, a thriller mystery that asks the audience, ‘how far would you go to save your child’s life?’ Finlan self-published his book by setting up Milverstead Publishing. He has sold over 1500 copies and the book has just been optioned for a movie by independent filmmaker Hyunjin Jo.
“I’ve never considered myself a serious writer. I have a great job and wrote the book in my spare time. A movie option was incredible enough, but to have the movie actually moving forward is just amazing.”
Finlan was inspired to write the book as a way to raise awareness and funds for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), the leading genetic killer of children under two years of age. He was introduced to the disease in June of last year when he learned a classmate’s baby daughter was dying from SMA. Having already begun his novel, he decided to introduce SMA into his book as a theme, carefully weaving it into the storyline. Finlan published his novel as a paperback, an e-book and an AFTRA-contracted audiobook that was produced in Los Angeles. It was on his trip to Los Angeles, a status message on his Facebook page that brought him into contact with the filmmaker, Hyunjin Jo. Some months did pass, but ultimately, Finlan sold the film rights for his book to Hyunjin Jo’s Beverly Hills-based Jojo Road Productions.
To date, between proceeds from the sale of the novel and direct donations, thousands of dollars have been raised for SMA charities, including Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy and The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation. But these are not the only charities which have benefitted from the birth of Finlan’s Milverstead Publishing. The small press publisher helps charitable organisations through every book it publishes. Milverstead offer authors self-publishing services, but specifically to authors who partner their book to a charity.

Milverstead Publishing is committed to bringing great books to market while helping good causes. It is our goal to build and foster successful relationships between authors and charities. If you are a charity or an author interested in this kind of commitment, please Contact Us to find out more about how we can work together.

Whether it’s a collection of thoughts and poems donating to literacy, a mystery supporting learning disorders, a romance novel sharing profits to fight against heart disease, or a true story about facing real adversity, we’ll help you every step of the way. We work with each author and charity to come up with the best possible product to meet everyone’s needs.

Milverstead Publishing now has seven authors on board and partnerships with MommyWorkshop Publishing and financial donations based on book sales from, a local company in Philadelphia.

“The whole point behind Milverstead Publishing, and Not a Fire Exit, was to raise awareness and cash, both of which we are doing. Milverstead now has two other books published, and we’re going to do more. Our unique twist is that each book will give part of its profits to a charitable cause, so to have a partner like Steve Churchill [] doubles our results, which is just fantastic.”

I am regularly approached by authors or charities who wish to publish a book as a way to generate donations for good causes, and while I am not convinced Milverstead Publishing would be perfect for a large organisation, certainly, for authors pursuing book publishing with a charitable cause in mind, Milverstead might be the perfect and worthy choice.
It is humbling to come across a publishing endeavor where the goal is not just to tell a story, but that the cornerstone of its publishing model is geared not to absorb needless profits. Instead, Milverstead Publishing and its authors direct some of their profits to worthy causes which are often intricately linked to the books published and the lives and celebrations of the people woven into every word written in them.
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