Merry Christmas from The Independent Publishing Magazine

As 2019 draws to a close and the Christmas holidays are upon us, so too a decade. We are over that odd bump every century when you can’t quite figure out how to refer to a decade when it ends with a year between 00 and 19, the noughties or the teens?! Will the decade of 2020 be another ‘roaring twenties’? Who knows what the publishing and author spheres will bring?

What I do know is that TIPM enters its thirteenth year in 2020 and continues to focus on independent publishing for authors.

In total, throughout 2019, TIPM has hosted guest posts from 22 different writers, sharing their knowledge and experience, and covering a vast array of topics from the art of writing, self-publishing experiences, design and publishing tools, marketing and the evolution of the publishing industry.

The latest Publishing Service Index was also released, which has become the bedrock of TIPM.

We continue to support some great guest posts and I want to take this opportunity to thank all our contributors who submitted guest posts over the past year.

Above all, I want to wish all our readers and subscribers a joyous and peaceful Christmas as we welcome the New Year and decade.

Good reading and writing to all over the holiday period.

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