Merry Christmas From The Independent Publishing Magazine

2017, another year almost gone and Christmas is upon us in a few days. It’s been a record year for visitors and traffic to The Independent Publishing Magazine. We’ve released our last Publishing Service Index of 2017 this month and the trends we have seen throughout the year continue with more and more authors migrating to online publishing platforms and the continued closure of companies struggling to operate in a ‘publishing package’ market and those trying to compete with Ingram, Amazon KDP and CreateSpace. Indie authors have spoken and they now know what they want and are armed with a knowledgebase to root out companies that are outright scammers and exploitive of new authors entering the publishing arena. Alas, writer beware, some of those scammers will ultimately try and emerge through 2018 offering empty and expensive marketing services for authors – hiding under a different bush – but with the same intentions.

Fortunately, there still remains some pretty good service providers out there to mix it up, and as always TIPM will continue to monitor them. See our latest Publishing Service Index.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all our guest post writers throughout 2017. In September we celebrated 10 years of TIPM and since late 2015 we have concentrated much more on the process of writing, writing advice, how best to take control of your book projects, and the tools and avenues open to authors. We are always looking for guest posts from writers to share their experiences of publishing, whether through traditional channels or their adventures in the indie author arena. Contact us if you have a story to share.

Recently TIPM teamed up with a sister project I launched – Radio Espial. Worth a visit, even if I do say so myself! Over there you will find episodes featuring extensive interviews with indie authors and publishers, and a lot more. We intend continuing this in 2018 and expanding it more. We always want to talk to authors and publishers about their experiences and adventures.

I wish all our TIPM subscribers the very best over the December Christmas and New Year holiday period. Stay warm and stay safe. And, above all, as our longest TIPM columnist would say – Douglas Burcham “good writing and reading to all.” TIPM will be taking a break over the holiday period and we hope to see you all back here in 2018. Our social media streams will continue to remain active during this period.

Mick Rooney, Editor-in-Chief

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