Merry Christmas From The Independent Publishing Magazine

It’s been a very fruitful year at The Independent Publishing Magazine, and for me personally with the publication of The Memory of Trees. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all their support, input, comments, debate and friendship over the past twelve months.
The publishing world continues to change and develop, and the ebook march continues. If there is one single thing that has struct me in 2011, it is the fact that the serious self-published authors have gained a great deal of savvy, maturity and success in an industry which once looked down at them simply as a nuisance.The publishing world is unrecognizable to the industry it once was, even two or three years ago. Print books are no longer king to the evolution and future of the book publishing industry. Our very understanding of what a book is and our reading experience of it has irreparably changed. How good or bad that is – only the future will tell.
On a personal basis, 2012 will bring its own changes, challenges and excitement for me. More about that during the new year.
For now, best seasonal wishes, thoughts to all of you and your dearest.
Author, Editor, Researcher & Publishing Consultant
The Independent Publishing Magazine. 

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