Mediashift: The Self-Publishing Boom

Carla King is a publishing and social media strategist and this week she wrote an article on Mediashift about the current self-publishing boom. King herself has been a part of Wild Writing Women, a travel writers group based in San Francisco who self-published their anthology of articles successfully. King reflects on their experience and their subsequent decision to sell the book to a traditional publisher.

“Wild Writing Women: Stories of World Travel was an instant hit. We sold all 1,000 copies in the first week of publication and made back more than double our investment. Eighteen traditional publishers were suddenly interested in purchasing the book. The group decided — by a skinny 7 to 5 vote — to sell it to Globe-Pequot. Self-publishing success? Well, it’s 2010 and we’ve yet to see any royalties.”
King goes on to look at self-publishing as it stands now and the perception and interpetation of the term and its general usage.

“When I queried Jane Friedman, publisher and editorial director of Writer’s Digest, about the term, she replied, “our definition of self-publishing includes all scenarios where an author pays for publication, whether that author pays an author service, a printer, an e-publisher — anyone.”

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