Maverick House MD Becomes President of Publishing Ireland

Following the AGM of Publishing Ireland (CLE)Jean Harrington, one of its board members, was elected president of the association. Harrington, who is also MD of Maverick House Publishers, an Irish international publisher of non-fiction books, succeeds outgoing president Alan Hayes.
Publishing Ireland was founded as CLÉ – Irish Book Publishers’ Association in 1970 as a response to the need felt by publishers to share expertise and resources in order to benefit from opportunities and solve problems which were of common concern to all. Membership of Publishing Ireland has grown significantly and comprises most of the major publishing houses in Ireland with a mixture of trade, general and academic publishers as members.
In light of today’s news of Harrington’s election as president of Publishing Ireland, you may have missed last month’s review of Maverick House Publishers, which became the first review of an independent publishing house we undertook ahead of a series we have planned for this year. 

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