Maverick House Follow Harlequin and Thomas Nelson with Book Republic Imprint

Irish publisher Maverick House look set to follow in the footsteps of US publishers Harlequin, Thomas Nelson and Hay House with the launch of what they describe as a ’boutique’ imprint, Book Republic. The new imprint will specialize in short print runs and limited editions for fiction and non fiction titles. While Maverick House will offer traditional contracts through the new imprint, they will also offer publishing services to authors including subsidy and self-publishing.
On Friday, Jennifer Thompson, Editor with Maverick House, was quoted by Irish Publishing News on the new venture:

“We [Maverick House] will enter into traditional contracts with authors whereby we pay for publication, but the books will not be sold through a traditional retail method. It’s the normal publishing process, but it involves small print runs. At times, we may also enter into profit sharing contracts which gives us greater flexibility to meet our own requirements and the requirements of our authors. Book Republic aims to offer new authors the opportunity to get published and kick-start their writing careers.”

Book Republic will use the print on demand model of book availability and distribution, while combining it with specialized short digital print runs, commonly used when several hundred copies are all that is required at a time.
The Book Republic website should be up and running over the coming weeks with the first two titles scheduled for publication in September, with two to three books published per month. Book Republic are currently taking submissions.
What is particularly significant about this is not just that Maverick House are the first mainstream publisher in Ireland to move into the author solutions services market, but that their MD Jean Harrington was recently elected President of Publishing Ireland (CLE).
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